Top Reasons For Installing A Safety Switch

Many people are confused as to why it is necessary to install a safety switch, especially when they already have circuit breakers in the home.

Circuit breakers and safety switches are vastly different, as one is designed to protect your home, while the other is designed to protect you. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit, and when they detect a problem that is potentially a threat to personal safety, they switch the power off within 0.03 seconds. The speed at which a safety switch shuts off can end up saving your life.

On the other hand, circuit breakers provide short-circuit and current protection when too many appliances are in use and the circuit becomes overloaded. They do not act as a safety switch and cannot provide personal protection against electric shock.

Common Causes Of Safety Switches Being Triggered

Because these scenarios can commonly occur in the home, it would be wise to install a safety switch to ensure you are always protected:

  • Hammering a nail into a wall and hitting a wire
  • Water getting into your outdoor power sockets, wiring, roof or lights during a storm
  • Possums or rats nibbling your wiring
  • Termites or ants tripping the circuit by getting into a power socket
  • Faulty appliances, such as kettles, toasters, dishwashers, fridges, hairdryers and pool pumps

Which Circuits Need A Safety Switch Installed?

Many people have their safety switch installed on their power circuit, but often forget to install one on the lighting circuit as well. This can potentially be harmful, as lighting circuits are vulnerable to pest and rain damage. We therefore recommend that you install a safety switch on your lighting circuit as well to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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