How To Ensure Electrical Safety In Your Home

Electrical appliances are everyday essentials in most people’s lives. From the minute you wake up in the morning to the moment you turn in for the night, it’s likely you would’ve used at least five different types of electrical equipment throughout the day.

In order to ensure your family’s safety when it comes to electrical matters, we’ve provided a brief list of tips.

  • Never double up on power adapters or power boards. This can result in overloading, which can cause a tripped circuit or house fire.
  • Never use a faulty or ageing electrical appliance, especially if it has a fraying cord, broken or cracked plug, or if it has given a shock before.
  • Test fire alarms regularly and be sure to change the batteries annually.
  • Prevent the build-up of spilled fats and burnt foods by cleaning your ovens and cook tops regularly.
  • Never leave stoves unattended.
  • Keep clothing and flammables away from your heater.
  • Check electric blankets at the start of each winter season to see if there are any damaged wires, leads or plugs.
  • Service all appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not attempt to repair faulty electrical appliances on your own – hire a professional who has had significant experience to ensure safe repair works.
  • Remove any build-up of materials around electric motor exhaust fans. This can include dust, lint and other debris.
  • Do not spray household cleaners, insecticides or detergents on electrical accessories, as this can cause an electrical hazard.
  • Be sure to install a safety switch on your lighting circuit to provide personal protection in the event of a technical problem.

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