Sometimes, things just happen – unexpected occurrences that you have no control over. Sometimes these unexpected occurrences directly affect the electrics of your home or business which then impact on other areas of your life or work. If you need an emergency electrician in Melbourne to help get your home or workplace back up and fully functional again, call on the experienced professionals at S A Wilde Electrical.

Proudly servicing the entire Melbourne CBD and suburbs, S A Wilde is renowned for providing 24 hour electrician services of the highest standards. Discover how we can help you.


24 hour electrician for the home

Electrical hazards in the home are not something to be taken lightly – anything that could potentially harm you, your family should be seen to as soon as possible. This is why we offer emergency electricians. Whether your lights are completely out, the smoke detector won’t stop beeping or you can sense a burning smell coming from a power point, we can respond to calls throughout Melbourne at any time of the night or day.


Emergency electrician for the business

In the world of business time is money, and if your work day is hindered by electrical problems that consume your time trying to fix then that’s time and money lost. S A Wilde Electrical’s 24 hour electricians are on hand to provide emergency services to help your workplace get back up and running so you can focus on what matters most. Whether you operate during standard business hours or you’re pulling a nightshift, we can assist with everything from repairing faulty air conditioning systems or a complete loss of power, to flickering lights and much more.

If we can’t get to your home or workplace immediately, we’ll instruct you how to reduce any potential risk caused by your electrical issue until we arrive. For excellent emergency electrician service in Melbourne, get in touch today. Contact us online or call 0431 832 430 to book our services.